Kid’s Quest
We are thrilled that we are enjoying Kid’s Quest. We are excited to welcome the children!  If you are not able to join us in person and would like to join us via FaceTime, please contact Miss Terri.  When you are able, come join us in person!!
THANKS for a GREAT week of VBS!  We had a fabulous week!  Thanks for all your help in sharing God with these children.
Blast from the Past…
Below are video recordings & printable fun sheets, art ideas, game suggestions, plus more for our weekly Kids Quest Bible Study Time that we
previously enjoyed!  MOST weeks the videos were designed so that the kids could watch these on their own while parents were worshipping online. But parents sometimes accompanied their children in watching the lesson.  We hope these lessons were a blessing to your family during our times
of social distancing!
From an Easter Series…

APPEARING ART: Provide children with heavy white card stock paper and a white color crayon. Children can draw a heart or wirite JESUS or other words from today’s lesson. Children can then use water colors of various colors to paint over their paper to have their art work appear!

HANDS LOVE CARD: Children can be given paper to trace their hands on a card, and draw red hearts in the middle. They can form the hands into a card and decorate and write words of God’s love to share with someone else.

JESUS IS ALIVE BOOK MARK: Construction paper, stickers, and markers can be given to children to be cut to the size of a book mark that is desired. This book mark should be folded length wise. One side can say, JESUS IS ALIVE. and the other side could have letters to say, I LOVE YOU, (or with the symbols–eye, heart, U)  JESUS!

SHARE A SNACK: Give the kids sugar cookies and let them decorate them with a CROSS with a gel tube.
1 Corinthians 15:3-4  is our Memory Verse Song for our Easter series.
SURPRISE BALLOON POPPING: Before class begins, the teacher will have enough balloons blown up for each child. Inside the balloon will be words from our lesson or today’s Bible verse. Divide the children into teams. Each child will run to a box of ballons, take a balloon and pop it by stomping on it. The game will continue until each child has popped a balloon. THEN the team will try to put the words from the balloons into an order that will tell today’s Bible story. (Examples: one balloon can have JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS; another balloon could say TWO WOMEN WENT TO THE GRAVE WHERE JESUS WAS BURIED. Another balloon paper might say THE STONE HAD BEEN ROLLED AWAY; another balloon could say THE GRAVE WAS EMPTY; another would say THEY WERE SURPRISED TO FIND AN EMPTY GRAVE; another balloon paper could say, ANGELS TALKED TO THE TWO WOMEN AND SAID THAT JESUS WAS NOT THERE; another could have written JESUS IS NOT HERE; another could say HE HAS RISEN JUST AS HE SAID. If the teacher needs more papers for larger teams, other words could be added, such as WE ARE HAPPY THAT JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS, and JESUS LOVES US VERY MUCH, etc.)
CLAY TOMBS:  Give the children some clay to mold a tomb and a cross and talk about the Easter story while molding! Toothpicks can be used to write JESUS IS RISEN on the tomb or the clay cross, or to make other decorations on the clay.
SNACK TIME:  A plastic Easter egg with a “surprise” inside. (A piece of candy or some other small item of your choice.)
SONG:  “He Is Lord”


Give children flags, balloons and noise makers and praise the LORD with special words that they can repeat after you — with words from today’s lesson or from praise Bible verses!!


Children can run a relay.  Pile some inflated balloons with praises written on strips of paper and placed inside the balloons before inflating.  The kids can run and grab a balloon and then pop the  balloons and read the PRAISE word inside and continuing popping as time allows.


Give each child a strong balloon and small pebbles or beads to place a few inside the balloon. The children can have a bright colored marker to write CELEBRATE JESUS or words from our lesson on the outside of their balloon. Then blow up the balloon and tie so children can shake the balloon while praising the Lord with song or Bible verse.


Each child can be given a tongue depressor or craft stick. Color their sticks and then glue thin pieces of paper or crepe paper to the top end and children can raise their celebration sticks over head while reciting a Bible verse from today’s lesson, or to march around the room, using their homemade instruments and their celebration stick.


Make a celebration circle and let children pass various bags of treats around the circle, taking one snack and passing it on. Every snack they take, they will share a praise.

A Couple of craft ideas you may want your kids to create to help teach about the Last Supper:
See the source image


You may want to start this activity soon to prepare as a craft for one of the next few weeks.  Crush up some egg shells and put them in colored dye water and then lay out to dry on a paper towel. Use several different colors for many shells. Then, let children draw the frame of a large cross on their paper and begin gluing the various colors of eggshells to their cross. Write on their paper– THANK YOU JESUS FOR DYING ON THE CROSS FOR MY SINS.


This is a fun activity just to use to review your lesson. Begin this activity with the lights off. The teacher will begin by asking a child a question about today’s lesson. If the child knows the answer to the question, they will jump up and run to the light switch and flip it on, and answer the question. After they answer the question, they will turn the classroom light back off and return to their seat. The teacher will ask several questions so everyone gets and chance and you have a fun way to reinforce today’s lesson.


I know today’s lesson was on the Last Supper.  We were talking about the bread and the juice.  We were talking about the Last Supper before he died on the cross & rose again.  But, popcorn is always fun.  Pop some popcorn and give children a small popcorn bag to place their popcorn in! As they begin to take ONE popped corn at a time, tell them that GOD forgives us over and over again! Jesus died for our sins.  Each kernel can remind them of a time that GOD FORGIVES!  As we get closer and closer to Easter, we are learning what all Jesus went through before he died on the cross to forgive us of our sins.  Then rose again!


From our series, God’s Promises.

Hey everyone!  This is Miss Terri.  I am sure that all of you have seen a stethoscope. Who uses a stethoscope? That’s right, a doctor. Have you ever been sick? Of course you have, we have all been sick at some time. When you were sick, did you go to the doctor’s office, or did the doctor come to your house? You probably went to the doctor’s office because that is the way it is done these days.

You might be surprised to know that at one time it was quite normal for doctors to make “house calls.” The doctor would carry a little black bag filled with medical supplies and go to the homes of those who were sick.  That’s a good picture of what Jesus did when he was on earth. He went where the people were — especially people who were hurting or had problems in their life. One such person that Jesus ministered to was a tax collector by the name of Matthew. Tax collectors were hated in Jesus’ day because they were often greedy and dishonest. Jesus changed Matthew’s life and he became one of Jesus’ disciples.   Hope you enjoy today’s video . . .

Jesus came for all of us.  We all need Jesus.  


Place many medical first aid items on a tray and let the children look at the items for a minute. Then take the tray away and ask children to write or draw pictures of all the things that they can remember being on the tray. See how many of the items they can remember.  You may show it to them a second time to see if they notice anything they forgot or didn’t notice the first time. Have discussion about Jesus coming to heal the SICK and how that is different or the same as using first aid items if someone was sick or hurting.


Let children stick a small amount of a molding clay round ball at the top of a craft stick and decorate that clay ball to look like a head (yarn for hair, mini choc chips or M&M’s for eyes, etc). Give each child a bandaid to wrap around their craft stick. If you use popsicle sticks, they will be wider for the stick man and bandaid. This can be stuck into a small amount of clay so the “sick stick man” can stand! Let children write Matthew 9:12-13 on the back of the stick, or they can write, “Jesus went to those who needed Him.”


Blindfold children and have them reach into a bag of first aid supplies and hand that item to someone else who is blindfolded and see if they can describe and guess what the item is. Review with the children  that we are talking about the sick and people’s need for Jesus!


Let children each blow many bubbles outside and watch the breeze blow them around. (This can also be done INSIDE if there is a fan available to blow the bubbles around). Children can be told that all those bubbles represent all the SICK and NEEDY people who need JESUS. Let children sit down outside and talk about our Bible story today and how MANY people need us to tell them about JESUS and HIS LOVE!

Our second week of our series, God’s Promises.
Hi guys!  This is Miss Terri.  How many of you have ever been out in a boat on the water? Since our Bible lesson today is about Jesus and his disciples in a boat, I thought it might be fun if we listened to our lesson today while sitting in a boat. Would you like to do that?  Let’s pretend.  OK, climb in.  Be careful, the boat is rocking back and forth, Don’t fall in the water.  Don’t fall!  You made it.
Now that you are all in the boat, it would probably be a good idea if I got in the boat with you. It wouldn’t be a very good idea to send children out in a boat by themselves. What if they got out in the middle of the lake and something bad happened? What if a storm came up? Have you ever been out in a boat when a storm came up? First the wind started to blow, then came the rain, thunder, and lightening. Oh my, that is quite frightening, isn’t it?  Let’s Watch & listen to today’s lesson:
At the beginning of the lesson, I climbed in the boat with you so that I could help you if something happened. As we sail through life, things are going to happen. We will face many storms in our life. They may not be the kind of storms that we talked about in today’s lesson. Perhaps we may face a serious illness or a family problem. We might make a wrong decision or fall in with the wrong crowd at school. When you face these problems on the sea of life, who do you want to have in the boat with you? I know who I want! I want Jesus. He can calm every storm. If you take Jesus with you day by day, he will be there with you in the storm.
Our Father, we know that each day we will face difficult situations. We are thankful that as we sail through life, you are always there to calm the storms. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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“QUIET BE STILL” RUN: Let the children run around, shout, and sing until the teacher blows a whistle and says, “QUIET! BE STILL!” Everyone must “freeze” until the whistle blows again and then the children can resume their singing or shouting until another whistle blows when children will once again “freeze” and the teacher will call out “QUIET! BE STILL!”. Continue to play the game several times as time permits.
STORM CLOUDS: Give the children supplies to draw storm clouds on a piece of construction paper. Give the children markers to write various “storms” that can happen in our lives today. Write a “storm” on each cloud. Children could then draw a sun and write JESUS GIVES PEACE IN THE MIDDLE OF A STORM.
FIVE BOATS OF PEACE: The teacher can have five outlines of boats on a poster board or one each on five pieces of computer paper.  Title the poster board “Five Boats of PEACE.” Let the children discuss ways that we can find PEACE and CALM in our life. The teacher can write key words for finding peace on the boats. (Suggestions: Prayer, Bible, Promises, Faith, Trust, Thanksgiving, Praise, Ask, Seek.)
BOAT SNACKS: Have gold fish crackers, gummy worms, and juice for the children to enjoy inside the pretend boat!!!
Song:  “I’ve Got Peace Like a River


From our series God’s Promises.
The song for this series is based on Hebrews 6:19.  Hopefully, we can learn this song and learn a verse at the same time.

COUNTING SHEEP: Let the children work as a team and give each team a poster board and markers. When you say START…or BEGIN, the kids will see how quickly they can draw 99 sheep. (Provide some M & M’s or something small for all their hard work)!  It will amazing to see the 99 that he left to go find the 1!  We are each important to God!

SHEEP GAME: Put a little Vaseline on each child’s nose and let them see how many cotton balls they can get stuck on their face and nose in the allotted time. Make sure to take a picture of  the “sheep”! If time allows, the children can then see if they can run back and forth to get cotton balls from their noses to stick on an outlined picture of a SHEEP on the other side of the room. You can have some Vaseline smeared on the outline of the sheep on the poster board for children to stick their cotton balls from their noses on the board — no hands allowed!

COTTON BALL SHEEP: Give each child an outline of a sheep or the older children could draw a sheep on their own. Let them glue pieces of cotton on their sheep. Children can then use markers to draw grass, sky, sun, etc and write JESUS NEVER GIVES UP ON A LOST SHEEP.

SNACK TIME: Bake cupcakes for each child and before frosting the cooled cupcakes, carefully push a gummy bear or another small candy into the cupcake and then frost. Tell children that something is LOST inside their treat and to show everyone what is lost in THEIR own cupcake. You can place different candy items in each cupcake so that the children will enjoy showing what they have FOUND in their treat. THANK JESUS for coming to SAVE those who are LOST!  You could use pudding or jello if you don’t have cupcakes, and put the gummies or candy in right before giving it to them.  
From our Prayer Series.


See the source image

What do you think of when you see this symbol? Right! You think of Nike. As you know, Nike is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sport’s equipment. At one time, they were just known as a running shoe company, but now they make sports equipment for just about every sport you can imagine. Probably just about everyone in the world would recognize this Nike symbol.

Whenever we think of Nike, we also think of their slogan, “Just Do It!” What does that mean? Well, since Nike is in the business of making sports equipment, it means that when it comes to sports, don’t talk about it — just do it! Don’t just talk about running, go out and run. Don’t just talk about basketball, go out and play the game. Don’t just talk about…well, I think you get the idea.

One day Jesus was with his disciples and they asked him to teach them how to pray. Jesus didn’t say, “Well, first you get down on your knees, like this; then you fold your hands like this; then you close your eyes; and then you start to pray.”  NO!  After giving them an sample prayer, he said to them, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” In other words, Jesus told his disciples that the most important rule of prayer is — “Just Do It!”

When we come to church, we talk a lot about prayer, don’t we? When someone is sick, we say, “We need to pray for the sick.” When someone is having financial problems, we say, “We need to pray for the poor.” When there is war in the world, we say, “We need to pray for peace.” We talk a lot about prayer, but what we really need is to “Just Do It!” In fact, I think we should stop talking about it right now — and “Just Do It!”

Dear Father, we ask you to heal those who are sick, we ask you to provide food for those who are hungry, we ask you to bring peace where there is war. We ask these things because you are the one who gives us every good gift, and you have told us that everyone who asks receives.   We know you answer our prayers in the best way.  Amen.


BIBLE VERSE BALLOONS: Blow up some balloons and divide up the words:  PRAY, JUST DO IT! by placing one word in each balloon. The children can break the balloons and take out their pieces of paper and put the words in order– PRAY, JUST DO IT!
PRAYER WALKING: Take the children outside where they can do a 15-minute short PRAYER WALK. Walking, praying, and singing together as a group will demonstrate to the children how they can JUST DO IT on their own. If this isn’t possible, walk around your house & let children see what a PRAYER WALK is. Children can still pray, sing and walk together, praying for certain friends and/or family.
SHARE A SNACK:  Hide snacks around the room before class-time. When it is time for the snacks, tell the children to find a snack. JUST DO IT!! Snacks could be candy, a cupcake, or a juice cup.
More of our Prayer Series.


HEART HUNT-You can choose your own verse.  Psalm 51.10 is the Bible verse on the Dot-to-Dot or the Song today is the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6 or Luke 11:

Before class begins, hide some hearts in Bible’s around the room. Each heart can have a word from today’s Bible verse and children will find their verse hearts in the Bibles. You can decide if you want to print the verse once or once for each kid.  If they find a heart but already have that word of the verse, then they must put it back in the Bible for the other kids to find. Children can help each other find all the words and put them in order and see if they can complete AND “SAY” the verse together!


Children can cut out several hearts of various sizes and colors, could glue them together, side by side, or leave separate. You can use a variety of papers from copy paper to construction paper to coffee filters to facial tissue squares to paper bags. Write today’s Bible verse or any of the phrases from the next idea (Heart Book) on the hearts and tape up for all to enjoy.  You could also use some gift wrapping tissue  and display these in a window as in my kitchen window.


Make a sticker book by folding construction paper in half or even a couple of pages.  The children can write a Bible verse on one page, as well as other phrases/ideas from today’s lesson, such as I LOVE JESUS, GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART, GOD FIXES HEART PROBLEMS, GOD LOOKS ON THE INSIDE, etc. on the other pages.  Then decorate the pages with many different heart stickers and drawing of hearts. 


You can have cupcakes baked and ready for class. You can let the kids frost them by putting icing in a heart shape. You could let each child use a frosting gel tube and write their names on the cake or write Jesus’ name.  Or you could let them frost then draw a heart with the tube.  They can enjoy their creation and make a second one or more as gifts to give away for Valentine’s Day.

Week two of our Prayer Series.
A Bible verse we studied today was Philippians 4:6. 
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
This is a cute way to teach this verse…
See the source image
If we include the next verse, we have…
Philippians 4:6-7Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
CRAFT IDEA:  Take a coffee filter, cut it in a heart-shape,  Color parts of it with makers.  Lightly spray with a water bottle.  When it dries, write PRAY & PEACE over the heart.
See the source image
We are starting a new series today on prayer, Today’s lesson focuses on Daniel in the Lion’s Den. You may want to begin with the following–


The children can crawl around the room and roar until the “ANGEL” says to FREEZE. Everyone stops until the “ANGEL” says to move again. Play as time allows and then children can sit in the LIONS DEN to hear how God closed the lions’ mouths, in our story today. 



Game, Craft, & Snack Ideas…


This could be played as the old DUCK DUCK GOOSE game in a circle, while the ANGEL walks around the back of each child and taps their head to say LION, LION, LION….. and then will shout DANIEL and that person will jump up and chase the ANGEL back to their seat!


I LOVE this idea! What a great way to teach our children that Prayer is not just asking! We want to Praise God for who He is; We want to thank God for all our blessings; We want to ask for His forgiveness of our sins; And, we want to ask Him for His help, share our prayer needs & requests. You could make this with a paper plate or construction paper. You could make it round with or without the spinner. You could put it in squares and use a pebble to roll to see which section it lands on. You don’t have to put the flowers on it. Use you imagination, detailed or plain, but a great idea.
See the source image


Children could be given a round cookie and place orange cheese balls, puffs, or crunchy cheetos around the edge as the lion’s mane or grated cheese around the edges of the lion’s head and raisins for the eyes, if desired.

TODAY’S PRAYER:  Heavenly Father, we may not face the same kind of lions in our life that Daniel did, but we do face many problems which we need your help in overcoming. Help us to be faithful in prayer and in obeying what you have commanded us to do. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
                                      VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2020
Midlands Christian Church thanks you for joining our virtual VBS, Vacation Bible School, this year.  Each of 3 nights, we decided to “DIVE” deep into God’s Word!  We are glad you joined us.
Each night featured an active Bible story, fun music, terrific crafts, the ever-popular science, and delicious snacks.  All the nights and activities were planned for parents to be able to enjoy with their children.  Below is a list of suggested supplies.  Most of these will be common items that you probably already have at home.  We purposely chose crafts, science, and snacks to be able to be enjoyed at home.
sharing this exciting “DIVE” with you . . .
CLICK on the above links & you can still
enjoy our virtual VBS!
Invite your family & friends to click in & join the fun!
Snack-Whale Cup:  Pinterest
Snack-Banana Whale
Craft-Whale Template:
Music-Group Empowering Courageous Kids
Big Idea: basis for God is Bigger
Scripture Songs for Kids: Jonah
Science-baking soda boat from Pinterest: The website is
propeller boat from pinterest:
Music-Group Empowering Courageous Kids
Big Idea: basis for God is Bigger
Fishers of Men: copyright unknown, written by: Harry D. Clarke
Science-Jesus Forgives Our Sins
from pinterest website:
Music-Group Empowering Courageous Kids
Big Idea: basis for God is Bigger
                                                A FEW PAST LESSONS
                                from previous months without the activities: