Below are video recordings & printable fun sheets, art ideas, game suggestions, plus more for our weekly Kids Quest Bible Study Time.  Parents & children, we hope you enjoy these Kid Quest videos & fun sheets!  Lessons are removed after a few weeks.
Parents, please accompany your child in watching the lesson. 
Some of the videos will have you pause at various times to have a discussion time or activity.  We sure wish we were the ones that could be with your children having the lessons. But, we hope these are a blessing to your
family during this time of social distancing. 
Hope these are great for your kid’s life!
Sunday, August 9, 2020     We are starting a mini-series on who Jesus’ Miracles.  Today is Jesus’ first miracle!



SCRIBBLE ART:   Give the children paper and markers to scribble circles all over the paper.  Then take a red marker and fill in some of the scribbling circles to form the words “I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.”  Hang this on your refrigerator. 

WATER JUG RELAY:  Give each child/team a large bowl of water and a pot, and a spoon for each person.  Set a timer for the amount of time you want the game to last.  Each person takes a turn in spooning some water into the pot and then its the next person’s turn, if you have more than one person playing.  Continue until the timer runs out.  If you have teams, the team with the most water in their pot is the winner!

Sunday, August 2, 2020     We are continuing a mini-series on who Jesus is. 
Hope you enjoy and learn of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.

This is a great craft idea to go with the lesson of Jesus’ temptation.  Jesus was in the wilderness praying for 40 days.  Make a paper chain of 40 links and lay it next to your bed.  Each night, you can tear off a link as you pray before bed.  You can pray for 40 days just as Jesus prayed.  Have fun!!
Image result for free to use picture of construction paper chain
Sunday, July 26, 2020     We are continuing a mini-series on who Jesus is. 
Enjoy learning of Jesus’ baptism . . . 

These are some cute crafts to go with the lesson of Jesus’ Baptism.  Please note the origins of these ideas posted on the pictures.  The first is a handprint dove to represent the spirit descending on Jesus.  The second can be a re-enactment of today’s story.
See the source image    See the source image
Sunday, July 19, 2020     We are continuing a mini-series on who Jesus is. 
Enjoy . . . 

Sunday, July 12, 2020     This week we are starting a mini-series on who Jesus is.  Hope the kids enjoy this . . . 

Cute idea for an easy craft.  The kids can make their family in the church, or even some of our church family members.  FUN!  Please note the origins of this photo idea.
See the source image
A few past lessons from previous months without the activities: