Below are video recordings & printable fun sheets, art ideas, game suggestions, plus more for our weekly Kids Quest Bible Study Time.  Parents & children, we hope you enjoy these Kid Quest videos & fun sheets!  Lessons are removed after a few weeks.
Parents, you may  want to accompany your child in watching the lesson. 
Some of the videos will have you pause at various times to have a discussion time or activity.  We sure wish we were the ones that could be with your children having the lessons. But, we hope these are a blessing to your
family during this time of social distancing. 
Hope these are great for your kid’s life! 
Also in the lessons below are VBS, Vacation Bible School, videos. 
These are videos of our Virtual VBS that we had this year. 
We hope these are a blessing to your family.
Sunday, October 25, 2020     
Welcome to our new series. 
This is week #1 of “Purposes of the Church.”

We know that Paul and Silas were praising God, praying and singing.  These are the actions we enjoy at church, or at a worship service with the church.  WE MISS YOU!!  We miss being  able to do these things with you in person.  Below are some fun activities.
WE ARE THE CHURCH:  When you say GO, the children will try to arrange their bodies on the floor in the shape of a church with a steeple . . . A square, a roof, and a steeple, then they can be the people. 
HERE IS THE CHURCH: (Finger play for the little ones.)
Here is the church (fold your hands with fingers inside)
Here is the steeple (put index fingers up to form the steeple of the church)
Open the doors (move your thumbs apart to see inside the church)
And see all the people. (show fingers inside, moving around but do not turn fingers to outside)
SNACK TIME: Tell the children there is yet ONE more good reason for going to church and let them reach into a candy bag and take out a candy and tell children that “going to church is always a TREAT”!! (Cookies or cupcakes or a cake that is decorated to look like a CHURCH would be great too.)
Sunday, October 18, 2020     
Here is lesson 5 on our series, Jesus’ Parables.


                                             ACTIVITY & SNACK IDEAS


Give the children a several inexpensive band-aids to stick onto a piece of construction paper in the form of a stick person. The children will draw a head at the top of the vertical bandaid, hands at the end of the horizontal bandaid that form the arms, and feet at the bottom of the band-aids that form the legs. Tell children to write words from today’s lesson around the bandaid people, such as caring, loving, kind, eternal life, heart, love, Jesus.


Children can work together or even alone for older children. See how many words the children can make from the letters found in GOOD SAMARITAN within a given time limit. When the time limit is up, let the children share their list of words with the rest of the class.
SNACK TIME: Children could go to a table with small glasses or fruit juice, crackers, cookies or cupcakes. Have the children serve the person sitting to their right and continue around the table until everyone has been served a snack today. Make sure one child “serves” the teacher with a snack as well. Encourage the children to watch for others who may have a need that they can help with during this coming week.
Sunday, October 11, 2020     
Here is our lesson 4 on Jesus’ Parables.

Memory Verse & Song:  To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given, and they will have an abundance of knowledge.  Matthew 13:12



I really like these first two.  They are different than anything we’ve done recently.  The second may not work this week if its raining, but you may be like me & be ok with bubbles inside!


BALLOON POPPING: Place a slip of paper with a selfish or unselfish idea written on it inside of a balloon. Inflate the balloons and let the children take turns breaking a balloon and reading the slip of paper that was inside. The children can then tape their slip of paper to a poster board/piece of paper that has a HAPPY FACE (for being unselfish) at the top of one side of the board, and an UNHAPPY FACE (for selfishness) on the other side of the top of the board. Let the children discuss why it is unselfish or selfish.  (Ideas for slips of paper: stealing, taking cookies to a neighbor, standing in front of the tv when someone is watching it, leaving your dirty clothes on the floor, reading Bible verses to an older person, giving a friend first choice of which cookie to take, taking a toy away from someone, etc).

BUBBLE BLESSINGS: Let the children blow bubbles outside and tell children that every bubble stands for a blessing that GOD gives to us. Let children begin naming the blessings God has given them as they blow the bubbles.  See if they can name a blessing for each bubble before it hits the ground and pops.  Have the children sit with you after blowing bubbles and name ways that they may have been selfish and forgotten about all of GOD’s blessings that He generously gives to us.

MONEY RACE: Have the children stand on one side of the room, divided into two teams (or you can make the second) with each team getting a money box or bag. Tell the children to turn around or close their eyes while you scatter play money around the classroom. When you, the teacher, say GO, the children will try to gather as much money as possible in the time allotted by the teacher and place it in their box or bag. When the time is up, the children will then sit back down. The surprise will come when you tell the children to switch bags and UNSELFISHLY give their bag of collected money to the other team. Let the teams count the money and see who has the most from the RACE!! Then tell children that they all are winners because they shared their money with others!

BEAN RELAY: Before telling the Bible story of the man whose land had produced so much grain that he had no place to store it, let children play a bean or rice relay. The children will be divided into two teams and have a timed relay to see which team can fill a bowl or a paper bag with the rice or beans first with each team member taking a turn using a measuring cup, of whatever size you wish, to dip the beans or rice from a container and put it in the bag.  If you have one child, you can be the second team or they can play & you can time them and see how quickly they can do it.  (If you do not have two measuring cups of the same size, you can use disposable bathroom cups or serving spoons, etc.)

Sunday, October 4, 2020     
Hope you enjoy today’s lesson 3 on Jesus’ Parables.


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FOLLOW ME:  Tell the children to “follow” what you do on a board or piece of paper they can see. The children can have a piece of paper and markers, or they can write in the AIR as you write, or just watch to see who can figure out what you are writing.  Begin  by just doing one section at a time of each letter of YES, I WILL OBEY JESUS! (Ex… there would be 3 sections of the “Y”, 4 sections of the E, 3-5 for the S, etc). When a child knows what you are writing or they can see the letters forming on their paper after copying what you are doing, they will shout out, YES I WILL OBEY JESUS!


BACK WRITING: Let the children divide into pairs, or you and your child. The children will write with their fingers a secret message on the back of their partner. Write choices for messages on a board or paper, such as, SAY YES TO JESUS, I WILL OBEY, FOLLOW JESUS, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, I WILL, etc. After one child has guessed the secret message, the children will reverse roles.


“I WILL” SNACKS: Have the children ask each other questions about today’s lesson and then go to the SNACK BASKET and say, I WILL take a snack and I WILL follow Jesus!


Song:  “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”  (If you click on the song below, you will need to skip the add)

Sunday, September 27, 2020     
This series is Jesus’ Parables, lesson 2. 

SHEEP GAME: Put a little Vaseline on each child’s nose and let them see how many cotton balls they can get stuck on their face and nose in the allotted time. Make sure to take a picture of the “sheep”!
If you want, you can have the children draw a picture of a sheep and then see if they can run back and forth to get cotton balls from their noses to stick on an outlined picture of a SHEEP on the other side of the room. You can have some Vaseline smeared on the outline of the sheep on the poster board for children to stick their cotton balls from their noses on the board — no hands allowed!
SNACK TIME: Bake cupcakes and before frosting the cooled cupcakes, carefully push a gummy bear or another small candy into the cupcake and then frost. Tell children that something is LOST inside their treat and to find & show what is lost in THEIR own cupcake. You can place different candy items in each cupcake so that the children will enjoy showing what they have FOUND in their treat. THANK JESUS for coming to SAVE those who are LOST!
Sunday, September 20, 2020     
We hope you enjoy this new series, Jesus’ Parables.  

Memory Verse:  To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given, and they will have an abundance of knowledge.  Matthew 13:12
Fun snack to reinforce forgiveness:
70 X 7 POPCORN MUNCHING: Let children each have a bowl and count out 70 pieces of popcorn from a big bowl , while talking about today’s lesson and the 70×7 times to forgive someone! You can let them count each one by saying, “I forgive you, one.  I forgive you. two.  I forgive you, three…”  And point out that is only 70, not 70×7!   Children could be given 7 M& M’s if desired too, etc.
Sunday, September 13, 2020     
Jesus’ Miracles, Lesson 6… 


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Fun Activity Choices:


Let each child enjoy a “touch and feel bag” of goodies. With eyes closed, they can feel inside the bag and try to identify each item.


Have the children hold on to one someone’s waist and walk around a designated area following the leader on a BLIND WALK. To make the BLIND WALK a little more fun, the leader might skip, jump, or hop.


Have the children draw one BIG closed eye on the top of a sheet of paper with their eyes closed.  Then draw one BIG opened eye underneath with their eyes open. Between the two eyes, have the children write, “I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I CAN SEE.” 


Blindfold two people at a time and have them draw a picture of the teacher’s choosing. It will be fun for all to see what they drew while blindfolded, and it’ll also be fun to watch them draw the picture. 🙂   (Some suggestions might include to draw a heart, a cross, a house or a church.)

Sunday, September 6, 2020     
We are studying a mini-series on Jesus’ Miracles.  This is Lesson 5… 

In the book of Psalms, David asked God to put his tears in a bottle. (Psalm 56:8)   

Image result for clip art water in a glass container

This is “My Tears Bottle.”  These aren’t real tears, it’s just water, but it reminds me of the times that I have cried real tears. Now, I don’t think that God keeps our tears in a bottle like this one, but I do believe that God sees our tears and hears us when we cry.

Do you ever cry? Of course you do. What is something that makes you cry? (Allow responses.) 

Have you ever fallen down and hurt yourself so badly that you cried?  (Allow responses.) 

Have you ever been so sad that you cried? (Allow responses.)

Have you ever had someone hurt your feelings and you cried? (Allow responses.)

Have you ever cried because someone else was crying? (Allow responses.)

We all cry, don’t we? Did you know that Jesus cried? The shortest verse in the entire Bible says, “Jesus wept.” I know of at least three things that made Jesus cry.

The Bible tells us that Jesus cried when He prayed for others. It says, “While Jesus was here on earth, he offered prayers and pleadings, with a loud cry and tears.” (Hebrews 5:7 NLT)

The Bible also tells us that Jesus cried when He saw people who were missing out on what God wanted for them. Luke tells us that as Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the city, He wept over it and said, “I wish that even today you would find the way of peace. But now it is too late, and peace is hidden from you.” (Luke 19:41-42 NLT)
Another time, the Bible tells us that Jesus cried when friends of His were hurting. Jesus had a friend named Lazarus who became very sick. His sisters, Mary and Martha, sent word to Jesus and asked Him to come and heal Lazarus, but when Jesus arrived, Lazarus had already died. The Bible tells us that when Jesus saw Mary weeping because her brother had died, He cried too. That isn’t all that Jesus did; listen to what happened next.  (If you just watched the video lesson, you know what happened!)

Jesus went with Mary and Martha and some others to visit the grave where Lazarus was buried. It was a cave with a large stone across the entrance. When they arrived at the tomb, Jesus said to some of the men who were with them, “Take away the stone.” Then Jesus called in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” And Lazarus walked out of the grave. I imagine that when she saw that, Mary’s tears of sadness turned to tears of joy.

We all cry, and I am glad that we have a Savior who weeps too. I am glad that He loves us so much that He hurts when we are hurting. He feels our pain. He sees our tears and He keeps our tears in a bottle.

PRAYER:  Dear Jesus, it is comforting to know that when we cry, You cry with us. But it is even more comforting to know that You have power over death and the grave and that one day we will be in heaven with You–and then there will be no more tears. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Hope you enjoy this activity…


Give children construction paper to cut out a large rock and glue onto another piece of paper. Have tiny pieces of tissue paper for children to “wad” up and to glue onto the rock. Tell children that every little tissue paper “wad” can stand for the times that we cry and that JESUS understands and the ROCK will stand for the large stone across the grave entrance and that JESUS HAS POWER OVER DEATH AND THE GRAVE and that one day we will be in heaven with no more tears!!

Sunday, August 30, 2020     
Lesson 4 on our mini-series on Jesus’ Miracles… 


Click here for a maze

Here are a few more fun activities for your family to enjoy!!




Provide children with pieces of bread to dip into various choices of dips such as chocolate sauce or cheese sauce. Or let children each have a piece of bread to spread with their favorite topping such as peanut butter, jam, cheese, etc


Play this like normal musical chairs, but one person is holding a bread basket and the basket is passed while the music is playing.  Whoever is holding the bread basket when the music stops is the person who will sit out for the next round. If the loaf of bread falls out of the basket while the music is playing, that person must hold onto the basket until he/she puts the bread into the basket and then continues to pass it around.


Write LEFT OVERS along the left side of a poster board or chalk board. Encourage children to think of words for each letter that would be things that children could share with others when they have much to share.

Sunday, August 23, 2020     
We are continuing our mini-series on Jesus’ Miracles… 




Give each child some play dough or modeling clay to form the paralyzed man. Let them glue a small piece of material on a small piece of cardboard and place their model on the cot. Ask children what happened to the paralyzed man.  You could let them pull chenille wires through each end as a “rope” to lower their friend.


Give children cut up pieces of various colors of paper to FILL IN on a piece of construction paper and have them write names of people to pray for or people to forgive or to bring to Jesus, on the little pieces of various shapes of paper.  Glue these on the construction paper blanket.


Give each child a small treat that has been wrapped in a small piece of cloth (like a blanket) and tied with a ribbon. INSIDE each blanket treat, there can be a personal small noteto encourage the child during the week!

Sunday, August 16, 2020     
We are continuing our mini-series on Jesus’ Miracles.  

Sunday, August 9, 2020     
We are starting a mini-series on Jesus’ Miracles. 
Today is Jesus’ first miracle!



SCRIBBLE ART:   Give the children paper and markers to scribble circles all over the paper.  Then take a red marker and fill in some of the scribbling circles to form the words “I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.”  Hang this on your refrigerator. 

WATER JUG RELAY:  Give each child/team a large bowl of water and a pot, and a spoon for each person.  Set a timer for the amount of time you want the game to last.  Each person takes a turn in spooning some water into the pot and then its the next person’s turn, if you have more than one person playing.  Continue until the timer runs out.  If you have teams, the team with the most water in their pot is the winner!

                               THIS YEAR’S VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL
Midlands Christian Church thanks you for joining our virtual VBS, Vacation Bible School, this year.  Each of 3 nights, we decided to “DIVE” deep into God’s Word!  We are glad you joined us.
Each night featured an active Bible story, fun music, terrific crafts, the ever-popular science, and delicious snacks.  All the nights and activities were planned for parents to be able to enjoy with their children.  Below is a list of suggested supplies.  Most of these will be common items that you probably already have at home.  We purposely chose crafts, science, and snacks to be able to be enjoyed at home.
sharing this exciting “DIVE” with you . . .
CLICK on the above links & you can still
enjoy our virtual VBS!
Invite your family & friends to click in & join the fun!
Snack-Whale Cup:  Pinterest
Snack-Banana Whale
Craft-Whale Template:
Music-Group Empowering Courageous Kids
Big Idea: basis for God is Bigger
Scripture Songs for Kids: Jonah
Science-baking soda boat from Pinterest: The website is
propeller boat from pinterest:
Music-Group Empowering Courageous Kids
Big Idea: basis for God is Bigger
Fishers of Men: copyright unknown, written by: Harry D. Clarke
Science-Jesus Forgives Our Sins
from pinterest website:
Music-Group Empowering Courageous Kids
Big Idea: basis for God is Bigger
                                                A FEW PAST LESSONS
                                from previous months without the activities: