Below are video recordings & printable fun sheets, art ideas, game suggestions, plus more for our weekly Kids Quest Bible Study Time that we hope you enjoy!  Parents, MOST weeks the videos are are designed so that the kids can watch these on their own while you are worshipping online. But, you may  want to accompany your child in watching the lesson.  We sure wish we were the ones that could be with your children having the lessons. But, we hope these are a blessing to your family during this time
of social distancing!
Sunday, January 24, 2021



Children can trace and cut out 5-7 of their own hands and color each hand in a different bright color of magic marker or crayons. Then the children will tape the hands together in an arch formation and glue or tape to a piece of paper. Children can write words from today’s lesson on their hand rainbow.


Give each child a piece of paper and some blobs of finger paint to form a rainbow picture. Use finger to write, PROMISES, or other words from today’s lesson, on their finger painting artwork.

Sunday, January 17, 2021




Write names of animals and put them in an “ark-basket.”  Children choose a name from an ark-basket and try to pantomime the animal that they chose. Talk about the animals that went into the ark.


Cut a paper plate in half and decorate the bottom section to look like an ark with windows and animals or even sticker animals, if you have any. Decorate the top portion of the paper plate to look like a rainbow and write GOD’S PROMISES on the rainbow portion and write GOD’S PLAN on the ark portion. Glue to construction paper or poster board.


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Let each child cut a paper plate in half making 2 identical ark-halves and tape together leaving the top open.  Let the children put some animal crackers in the “ark pocket” for their treat today. Discussion about the animals that went into the ark and that being part of God’s plan!


Another treat idea for the kids to create:  use tortilla chips, animal crackers, graham crackers, and pretzel sticks as seen below.
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Sunday, January 10, 2021

I am thankful that God loves us and forgives us!
We all do things wrong, & we sin.  Thank you God & Jesus for loving us & forgiving us!! 

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Children take turns running up to a table and taking a slip of paper with words written on it that will either be a temptation to shout NO to or will be an idea of something that children SHOULD do. They will run back to everyone and read what is on their slip of paper.  The others will respond  with NO TO TEMPTATION, or YES I will _______________, such as read my Bible, pray, visit sick people, thank my parents, tell a lie, etc.


Let everyone sit in a circle if you have enough people and pass a ball or a potato around the circle while the music plays.  If you just have a couple, pass the potato between them.   Tell children to pretend like the object is VERY HOT and not to hold onto it, but to pass quickly. When the music STOPS, the child holding the HOT POTATO will shout, SAY NO TO TEMPTATION and the music will begin to play again.


Parent can write a temptation on little pieces of paper, such as being sassy, watching the wrong tv show, eating a cookie when told not to, going to the wrong place, hitting someone, etc.  Children can take a little piece of paper from the basket and pantomime their temptation and see if another person can say what that temptation is. IF the “temptation” is guessed, then the child doing the pantomime will say loudly — JUST SAY NO TO TEMPTATION. Then another child can take a turn!


Parent can have a Bible verse typed out and cut into several pieces for the children to put the puzzle together. The verse can be from the song above or a verse from Genesis.  Each child can be given an envelope with the puzzle pieces inside.  If you prefer, give the children the verse on the paper and let them cut it into puzzle pieces.   The envelope will be marked …SAY NO TO TEMPTATION. The class can work on the pieces together or in teams or individually. Have the class read the Bible verse together and talk about temptation in our lives.



Sunday, January 3, 2021

Isaiah 40.28 is the basis for today’s song.  

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Give each child a small notebook (from a $$ store, or if needed, MAKE a little construction paper notebook) to take on a Creation WALK outside if weather permits. Children will enjoy being little “creation news people” and will also remember their Creation story and information today, as well. (If it’s a rainy day, children can still each go to an available window  and make the drawings. Make sure that children have time to pass their Creation notebooks around so everyone can enjoy someone else’s Creation walk.


FUN CRAFT IDEAS…Some ideas for you to choose from:

Sunday, December 27, 2020

If I were going to go to visit someone in another town or city, I might first ask someone who knew how to get there to give me some directions. They could give me some general directions and tell me what roads they would recommend that I take. The next thing I would do would be to look it up on my phone’s MapsMaps would show me exactly how to get there. As I traveled, I would keep looking at the map so that I would know exactly where I was and where I was going. If I followed the directions that I had received and listened to Maps to guide me, I would surely find my way.

After Jesus was born, some wise men heard that a King had been born. They wanted to find the King so that they could worship and honor him. They went to Jerusalem and asked some priests there if they knew where to find the King. The priests knew where Jesus was to be born, because they had been told by the prophet Micah, so they told the wise men that they would find the new King in Bethlehem. As you know, the wise men did not have Maps to guide them to Bethlehem, but they had something even better. God gave them a star to guide them. So the wise men followed the directions that the priests had given them and followed the star that God gave them and it led them right to Jesus. When they found him, they gave him gifts and bowed down and worshiped him.


Wise men today are still seeking for Jesus. We don’t look for him in Bethlehem, because he is no longer there. He is on his throne in heaven. We don’t need a map to help us find him — we don’t even need a star to help us find him. We can find our way to Jesus by reading God’s Holy Word! The Bible is our map and our star that leads us to Jesus.

Dear Lord Jesus, we seek you today because we want to worship you and crown you as our King. We are thankful for the Bible which we have been given to lead us to you. Amen.
DIRECTIONS GAME: Blindfold a child and have the others try to take turns giving the blindfolded child DIRECTIONS to find a certain object in the designated area!!! The BIBLE should be the OBJECT to find…. and children can take turns giving directions such as step 4 steps forward; 2 steps to the left; 1 step forward; 8 steps back, etc. Take turns blindfolding as time allows. Afterwards, you can talk about “directions” in our story today!

BIBLE TREASURE HUNT: Wad up a section of a brown grocery bag to make it wrinkle. Draw a simple treasure map of your area for the children to follow and numbers that they will follow as they “follow the map” to find the BIBLE object that has been hidden! Discuss getting GOD’s directions for our lives! 
Sunday, December 20, 2020






If you have candy canes, let your children draw or trace a candy cane UPSIDE DOWN to form a “J” for Jesus. Discuss today’s story and the true meaning of Christmas! Children can decorate their “J” and write JESUS is the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS.


This game is played like musical chairs, but the children remain seated in a circle and pass the gift around until the music stops. The child with the gift is then out and one chair will be eliminated as well and the game continues. Children might enjoy playing both Gift Games with the changes made.


This game is also played like musical chairs except a decorated GIFT box is placed on a chair and the music plays as children walk from chair to chair. The child who is at the chair with the gift on it when the music stops is out of the game and one chair is removed. The gift box is placed on another chair and the game continues.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Today’s lesson song is directly from Luke 2:10-11.

When someone is hurt far away from the hospital, and there is no time to get an ambulance to them, 911 will sometimes send a Med-Evac helicopter. A Med-Evac helicopter can land almost anywhere and when it does, the paramedics load the injured person up and fly them off to the hospital as quick as can be!

This guy, Matthew, was in a car accident in the mountains, and a Med-Evac helicopter came to pick him up. He was lying on the ground, and when he heard that helicopter noise and looked up into the sky, he knew that HELP WAS COMING! And the helicopter crew picked him up and flew him to the hospital.  (He was actually in churc h the next Sunday!)

The helicopter makes me think about Christmas! It reminds me of all those people in the Christmas story who discovered that HELP WAS COMING!

One night shepherds were out in the field with their sheep. They looked up into the sky when they heard a strange, new noise, and there were angels in the sky! The angels sang and said to the shepherds, “A child is born to you this day, a savior who is Christ the Lord!” When the shepherds looked up into that night sky and saw those angels, they knew, HELP WAS COMING!

And there were also three wise men who looked up into a night sky, and they saw a big star, and they knew this star meant a special king was to be born who would save his people. And when those three wise men looked up and saw that big star, they knew, HELP WAS COMING!

And when Mary was lying on the floor of that dirty stable where she had just given birth, and she looked up and saw Baby Jesus, she knew, HELP WAS COMING!

God loves you so much, that he wanted to save you from sin and sorry and so he sent help from heaven — he sent Baby Jesus, who grew up to take all our sins to the cross with him. When Jesus came, help came and hope came and salvation came.

At Christmas, when you look up at a manger scene , or look up to an empty cross, you can remember, not only is HELP COMING, but HELP CAME! All the help we’ll ever need came to each of us at Christmas as Baby Jesus — our King, our Lord, our Savior. HELP IS HERE.


A Fun Activity: From the Shepherds’ Point of View

Supplies: Paper, crayons, markers
Ask the kids to close their eyes an imagine that they are shepherds in the Judean countryside.  It’s night time and the sheep are sleeping all around them.  Everything is quiet.  Suddenly, there is a bright light shining all around and there are angels singing praises to God.  The angel of the Lord appeared telling them that a Savior had been born in the town of Bethlehem.  Let the kids image they are there and ask them what kinds of things they would have seen, heard, and even smelled!  Then let them draw a picture of how they imagine the scene would have looked from the shepherds point of view.
Here are a few fun craft ideas:
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You may want to get these supplies, or some similar, for next week.
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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Luke 2:10-11 is the song in our lesson.

It’s here! Christmas is finally here!! I just love Christmas, don’t you? What do you like best about Christmas? Is it the Christmas tree with its blinking lights? Maybe it’s the beautiful music or the delicious Christmas goodies. Perhaps it’s Christmas dinner with turkey and dressing and all of the trimmings. For many people the best thing about Christmas is the presents — both the ones we give and the ones we receive. Especially the ones we receive!

Hmm. . . Can you think of anything I have left out? Oh yes! It’s someone’s birthday, isn’t it? Whose birthday is it? That’s right! It is Jesus’ birthday. You know, sometimes we get so caught up in all of the decorations, lights, parties, and presents that we miss the real Christmas.

That reminds me of a story I heard about a little boy who had always wanted to go to a circus. One day he saw a poster that said a circus was coming to town and that a ticket to the circus cost five  dollars. The boy ran home and asked his father if he would give him the money to go to the circus on Saturday.  His father told him that if he would work hard and get all of his chores done, he would give him money to go to the circus. 

Saturday morning came and the boy got up early and did all of his chores.  “I have all of my chores done,” the boy told his dad.

The boy’s father gave him five dollars and the boy headed into town filled with excitement about seeing wild animals, trapeze artists, and all of the things that come with a circus. Since he arrived in town so early, he was on the front row when the circus parade started down the main street of town. The boy was thrilled when the animals and other circus acts paraded by.  At the end of the parade came the clowns and following the clowns was the ringmaster. When the ringmaster passed by where he was standing, the boy ran out into the street, took his folded five dollar bill from his pocket, and handed it to the ringmaster.

“Thanks,” mister, said the boy, “that was a great circus.” Then he turned around and walked home. He never knew what he had missed. He thought he had been to the circus, but he had only been to the parade.

If we are not careful, we can be like that little boy. We can get so caught up in the celebration, the decorations, and the gifts that we miss the real Christmas — the birthday of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Dear Jesus, it is your birthday. We pray that we won’t get so caught up in the celebration that we miss the real meaning of Christmas. Amen.




Provide children with molding clay or play dough or building blocks and have children build a manger. Tell the children the Christmas story and ask who was placed in the manger and why, etc.  Ask the children to make the sounds that they might hear around the manger for all the animal sounds.


Provide children with paints to paint a picture from today’s story – baby Jesus, manger, the Inn, birthday cake, etc.
A Song to enjoy:

Sunday, November 29, 2020

CHRISTMAS PAPER CHAIN:  I love doing this every year.  I like to cut strips and tape or glue them into links.  I usually make a long chain of 24 loops.  I like to cut one off EVERY NIGHT before bed in a countdown to Christmas…with 24 you begin on Devember 1st!  That would be THIS TUESDAY!  I have always put them in a chain, and I usually alternate red and green.  But I saw this and thought it was really cute!  Choose how you want to do it…Have fun!
ANGEL HUNT: Make 3 parts of an angel (triangle for the body, a circle of the head, and a paper doily for the wings), and make enough angel parts for each child and hide them in the room. When you say GO FIND YOUR ANGEL, each child will run to hunt for the angel’s body, head and wings, and come back to the table and put the angel together, gluing it to a piece of construction paper! Children can write the Bible verse from today’s song or another verse on the paper!
PIN THE WINGS ON THE ANGEL GAME: You can have a large angel on the wall or poster board. Let children  be  blindfolded and play Pin the Wings on the Angel. The wings can be doilies folded in half or a coffee filter. To make the game different, you can have ONE ANGEL per student and let the children go to their own angel, quickly color it and tape the wings to the back of the angel!
THUMBPRINT ANGELS: Give children ink pads of various colors and let them make fingerprint angels all over a piece of paper and then draw little wings on their angel and write today’s Bible verse around the angels on the paper.
                               THIS YEAR’S VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL
Midlands Christian Church thanks you for joining our virtual VBS, Vacation Bible School, this year.  Each of 3 nights, we decided to “DIVE” deep into God’s Word!  We are glad you joined us.
Each night featured an active Bible story, fun music, terrific crafts, the ever-popular science, and delicious snacks.  All the nights and activities were planned for parents to be able to enjoy with their children.  Below is a list of suggested supplies.  Most of these will be common items that you probably already have at home.  We purposely chose crafts, science, and snacks to be able to be enjoyed at home.
sharing this exciting “DIVE” with you . . .
CLICK on the above links & you can still
enjoy our virtual VBS!
Invite your family & friends to click in & join the fun!
Snack-Whale Cup:  Pinterest
Snack-Banana Whale
Craft-Whale Template:
Music-Group Empowering Courageous Kids
Big Idea: basis for God is Bigger
Scripture Songs for Kids: Jonah
Science-baking soda boat from Pinterest: The website is
propeller boat from pinterest:
Music-Group Empowering Courageous Kids
Big Idea: basis for God is Bigger
Fishers of Men: copyright unknown, written by: Harry D. Clarke
Science-Jesus Forgives Our Sins
from pinterest website:
Music-Group Empowering Courageous Kids
Big Idea: basis for God is Bigger
                                                A FEW PAST LESSONS
                                from previous months without the activities: