If you are new to Midlands Christian Church, even in the midst of this Coronavirus, we welcome you to Midlands Christian Church! We are so glad that you are interested in learning more about
us. We are a church that is committed to worshiping Christ
and living out His teachings daily. We want to help you
grow in Christ, even during this pandemic, and see
Him work through you to serve the community
around you.

If you’ve ever done a jigsaw puzzle, you know how frustrating it is to discover at the end that there is a missing piece.  There is nothing worse than finishing a project and still have it be incomplete. 

That’s true in areas of our lives other than puzzles.  We like to see things completed.  We want a project at work to be completed and a debt to be completely paid.  It’s true in our spiritual lives also.  We know that we are incomplete, and we long to become more the person God wants us to be. We want to be complete.  

Furthermore, we have a deep sense that things are not the way that they should be in our world.  We see injustice; we see people being mistreated and overlooked.  We see people in great need.  We want all of this to be put right.  We want the world to be complete.

In the New Testament, there is a letter which we know as “Colossians.”  The apostle Paul has received word that some new believers in Jesus are being told that they are not “complete.”  They are being told that they need to add to their faith in Jesus certain mystical experiences, and they need to follow certain legalistic rules.   Hence, Paul writes them a letter in which he tells these believers that Jesus’ person is unique, Jesus’ work is sufficient, and they are complete in Jesus.  These are words we need to hear today. 

We invite you to join us as we spend these weeks in the Fall focusing on these Lessons from Colossians and learning what it means to be Complete  in Christ.


Here is the Worship Service for September 19, 2021. For other services, please see the media page.

MCC is excited to announce that we now have Online Giving.
Please go to the Online Giving tab above.
MCC is worshipping in-person and also streaming our Worship Services
on Facebook Live. As we have been doing throughout this pandemic,
the services will also be posted on our website soon after their completion.
When you choose to worship in-person on campus, please note the following safety precautions:
  1. Hand sanitation stations are posted at the main entrance
  2. “Pre” and “post” worship fellowship are encouraged to be enjoyed outdoors
  3. Social distancing is encouraged indoors and outdoors
  4. Masks are encouraged and are available
  5. No communion or offering trays will be passed (pre-packed communion kits are at each chair; an offering box is on the back wall).
PLEASE . . . We ask that if you have had any of the following symptoms within the last week, please continue to worship with us online:
  1. Fever over 100
  2. Cough and sore throat with shortness of breath
  3. Contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 (in the past 14 days)
If we have any changes for our church’s gatherings, we will update this webpage. 
Weekly Meeting Times:
Sunday School @ 9:30 AM
Worship @ 10:30 AM
The Connection @ 7 PM


Find us at:

1312 W. Main Street
Lexington, SC 29072
Phone: 803-808-1122
Email: mcclexington@gmail.com
Join us live on Facebook at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays.  
Please also view this website’s Media page for videos of recent services.
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